From the Principal

Dear Holy Spirit Students and Parents,

Welcome back!  We are so happy to be able to welcome you back to campus. Every year is a new opportunity to take advantage of the next year in high school with all it brings in academics, athletics, the arts, leadership, faith formation, and personal growth. While this year we find ourselves with restrictions the pandemic has placed on us all, we are so pleased to see our students back in our classes and walking the halls. 

Our freshmen received quite a few welcomes, including from Fr. Cherubini, Mr. Smith, Ms. Connor, and Mr. Normane, among others. Also, we thank our senior volunteers who were here today to help offer guidance and directions to classes. 

A couple reminders:

- the entrance procedure is being digitized and the form will be sent through the students' HSHS email; Mr. Russo will be sending a follow-up email. Students can use their Chromebook or their phones (phones preferred) to answer the entrance form and scan their QR code upon arrival (we will have paper backups, as needed);

- after arriving, we are keeping students as socially distanced as we can so juniors and seniors will wait in the cafeteria until 7:40 at which point they can go to their lockers and then to their homeroom/1st period. They can return to lockers at lunch and then again at the end of the day, 

- students should have their lanyards and need to wear them every day (come to the main office if you need one);

- when students enter their classes, each room has a container with disinfecting wipes and they should grab one and wipe down their desks for every class. These will be provided all year;

- our disinfecting hand sanitizing stations will be going up in classes and halls over the coming days, but each student should also have his/her own hand sanitizer for personal use.

It's going to be a different year, but we are happy to welcome our students to campus and we're looking forward to a great 2020-21 class year!

Thomas J. Farren, Sr., Ed.D.